Three academic specialization education programmes

(The ones we offer at Vest-Lofoten uss are marked with *)

These education programmes do not lead directly to a vocation, but completing and passing the three-year course of studies in academic specialization satisfies the requirements for qualifying for general admission to universities or colleges.



* Education programme for study specialization

This education programme gives you general or special qualifications for general admission to colleges or universities, depending on which programme area and programme subjects you choose. It will give you the basis for applying to various courses of study at colleges or universities. When taking this education programme you must choose in-depth studies in one of four programme areas: maths and natural science, social studies and economics, language, or art and design.
Further studies can lead to professions such as nurse, teacher, psychologist, doctor, engineer, clergyman, journalist, economist, lawyer etc., or to professions in the field of art and design.

* Education programme for sports subjects

This education programme aims to give pupils with an interest in sports a versatile sports education, and to allow talented athletes the option of combining an education with sports at a high level. The education programme gives the basis for coaching jobs in sports and outdoor life, particularly sports for children.
The education programme qualifies pupils for general admission to universities or colleges and gives them the right to apply for admission to various studies at colleges or universities, for example sports colleges. If you choose this education programme you should like and be talented in sports because you will train every day during school hours. You should also feel capable of mastering demanding theory subjects.

Education programme for music, dance and drama

This is an education programme that allows you to develop your interest in one of the arts. The education programme gives you the qualifications for general admission to universities or colleges and confers the right to apply to various studies at colleges and universities. If you choose this programme, it is probably because you intend to apply for higher education in music, dance or drama. When taking this education programme you will have to choose specialization in one of these three programme areas. The education programme requires that you have skills in the programme area you choose.