Higher education in Norway

Tertiary vocational education (Fagskoleutdanning) is a nonuniversity, shorter education of maximum 2 years duration, which is based on upper secondary school education. Its primarily, but not exclusively, an education for students with a VET-certificate (Vocational Education and Training).  The programmes do not give ECTS-credits. 

At Vest-Lofoten uss, we have Lofoten Maritime College (Lofoten Fagskole) which offers this type of education. As of today, Lofoten Maritime College offers education leading to maritime certificates Class 1 for navigational officers.

Higher education undergoes a quality reform. One of the main elements to assure quality in higher education was the implementation of evaluation of Quality Assurance Systems and the accreditation of the higher education. The Quality Reform also introduced a new degree system with 3+2+3 year Bacherlor`s, Master`s, and PhD degree structure with a few exemptions (general teachers training 4 years; medicine, psychology, veterinary science, theology, architecture 6 years).  
Accredited Higher Education in 2007: 
  • Universities in Oslo, Ås, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø.
  • Specialized University Institutions in architecture, economy/business, soprt/physical education, musik, veterinary science, theology (private).
  • University Colleges, state owned regional institution such as Nord University  www.nord.no   
  • Private institutions with accredited programmes of study.
A broad field of studies from ballet to alternative medicine, schools of mission and Rudolf Steiner.
From: “Norway.The System of Education” NOKUT.  www.nokut.no